Hangue Park is an assistant professor in ECE at Texas A&M University and the principal investigator of the INPL. He is also a research faculty at Texas A&M Institute for Neuroscience (http://tamin.tamu.edu/) and The Texas Brain and Spine Institute (http://www.txbsi.com/), and a TIRR Foundation Fellow at The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research Foundation (https://www.tirrfoundation.org/). His research interest lies in artificial sensory feedback and closed-loop optimization of sensorimotor loop, to assist incomplete body functions and enhance rehabilitation. He is also interested in human augmentation and performance enhancement. Developing smart bio-mimicking/bio-inspired circuits and systems is another crucial part of his research.

Hangue Park


INPL welcomes undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers who have a real passion to improve the quality of human life, and are ready for the rough journey to achieve the goal. Both electrical/biomedical engineering background and neuroscience background are welcome. Please send your CV to Dr. Hangue Park if you are interested to join.

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