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Research Theme

We make integrated neuroprostheses to favorably intervene the nervous system, in any stage from the brain to the peripheral nervous system. The neuroprosthesis is designed to compensate for problems of nervous system and make good changes. For this to happen, the neuroprosthesis needs to communicate with the nervous system and environment. The ascending/descending maps work as a translator between the electrical system and the nervous system. Actuator/sensor also interacts with the surrounding environment. Additionally, the interested behavior is monitored in real time and the control parameters of the neuroprosthesis are updated wirelessly as a closed-loop optimization. Smart system integration techniques are used to implant neuroprosthesis inside/onto the body without issue of discomfort for natural body functions.

I. Scientific study of nervous system and its problems

II. Develop integrated neuroprosthesis

III. Make good changes and rehabilitation

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